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Formulated with corn silk, an herb traditionally used to support healthy elimination of water.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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Cell-U-Loss is a diuretic which means if we retain excess water in our body. This supplement helps us to get rid of excess water in our body, which consequently helps us in weight loss. So Herbalife Cell-U-Loss Advanced 90 Tablets is not like other diuretics, as it helps us lose excess water in our body, it stores it without disturbing our body’s pH balance and the body’s electrolyte balance.

Therefore, these types of supplements are not present, with fat burning and suppression of appetite. Therefore, they are not generally used for long-term weight loss. Now that we know how it works and what the product is for the ingredients of Cell-U-Loss.So this supplement has many beneficial ingredients and all the ingredients used in it are plant-based like corn silk extracts, parsley herb extracts, dandelion leaf extracts, and asparagus root extracts, etc. All these materials we traditionally use to eliminate excess body fluids.

Apart from this Herbalife Cell-U-Loss Advanced 90 Tablets also help in accelerating your weight loss/management goals. Whether you struggle with snacking, energy, fluid retention, digestion or inch-loss, our Say bye-bye to Fat‘s Cell-U-Lose Advanced – 90 tablet covers all your bases.

why you need it:-

Cell-U-Loss specifically points at those who are more prone to poor circulation which in turn leads to fluid retention. And, this unhealthy retention of water sometimes presents itself as swollen feet. The minerals in Cell-U-Loss are important for maintaining electrolyte balance in your body. Electrolytes are inorganic salts or complex molecules that dissociate into positively charged ions when dissolved in water. These irons are responsible for many physical activities and excess levels are regularly excreted in the urine. Electrolytes play an important role in maintaining a system that controls water balance. Therefore, low levels of electrolytes have been arranging for any location that may be lost with any increased urine output.

Main Ingredients:-

  • Corn silk – helps promote the healthy activity of the urinary tract.
  • Dandelion leaf – helps in removing excess water and toxins from the body.
  • Parsley Leaf – Parsley leaf is an excellent source of vitamins A and C.
  • Asparagus root – This root is traditionally used to support fluid balance.
  • Magnesium – central to the production of energy and the functioning of nerves and muscles.
  • Sodium – An essential mineral for the life of all animals.
  • Calcium – The most abundant mineral in the body, provides strength to the skeleton.

How to use:-

1. For best results, Herbalife recommends taking one pill of Cell-U-Loss three times a day with or before your meal.

2. Our product retails for 90 tablets (including all taxes). Therefore, If you buy this product online then you can also avail of the discounted price.

3. Minerals in Cell-U-Loss are important for maintaining electrolyte balance in your body. Electrolytes play an important role in maintaining a system that controls water balance. Therefore, low levels of electrolytes have been arranging for any location that may be lost with any increased urine output.

key benefits:-

  • Unsightly dimples reduce skin appearance
  • It helps eliminate excess body fluids
  • Helps inch-loss
  • Herbalife Cell-U-Loss Tablet is an herbal mixture of nutrients that helps in removing excess fluid in the body
  • This Herbalife Cell-U-Loss contains magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, and chloride which maintains
  • electrolyte balance and a normal pH level
  • It is a detox supplement, prepared with an herb called corn silk.
  • Herbalife Cell-U-Loss supports a healthy skin appearance and helps in quick inch loss


1. These Cell-U-Loss tablets should not be consumed by people who are suffering from any health condition.

2. Pregnant or lactating women should not consume it without consulting their physician.

Conclusions: –

Cell-U-Loss reduces water retention associated with normal tissue inflammation, by promoting fluid loss through healthy elimination of water. And also supports the reduction of subcutaneous accumulation of water, which can improve skin appearance. Hence our product has the properties of maintaining mineral electrolyte balance and a healthy pH level. Therefore, it also strengthens the immune system. So, It should be taken continuously without any interval and also, it should be put to use for a long time to ensure better results.

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